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Full text of "Iowa City School District weather/temperature memo"

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From: Stephen Murley 

Date: August 29, 2012 8:25:10 PM CDT 

To: All District Staff 

Subject: weather/temperature 

Good Evening, 

Many of you have been working this week in buildings that struggle to maintain an optimal environment 
for learning. We know that this is not ideal for our students to learn or for you to teach/work. 
Unfortunately, this is not a new situation for the District and one that, ultimately, will require significant 
infrastructure upgrades to fix. This does not mean that we will ignore the problem in the short-term. 

Current actions being taken: 

o Turbo fans have been rented and the Physical Plant staff have distributed them to schools 
o However, in some locations, the fans are tripping breakers 

o Our building maintenance staff will monitor these situations and, where appropriate, try to move the 
fans to avoid this problem 

o Water bottles have been provided to students and staff 

o Thanks to our friends at Hills Bank who made a generous donation of water bottles and water today! 

o Students have been able to rotate through air-conditioned spaces 

o Ice packs and wet cloths have been provided to students as needed 

o Custodians will be opening windows first thing in the morning to bring in cooler air 

We have received questions about deploying window air conditioning units: 

o In most schools this is not an option due to inadequate electrical service to operate them 

o Significant upgrades to wiring and electrical panels are required due to the energy demands of these 


o One suggestion to overcome this is to use generators 

o After looking into this today, generators have been ruled out due to inability to comply with code 
requirements, safety concerns, maintenance issues, and noise generation 

We have received questions about leaving windows open at night: 

o This is not an option due to security concerns and insect/animal concerns 

Our Health and Student Services Department offers the following suggestions to avoid discomfort: 

o Dress in light-colored cotton clothing 

o Drink lots of water 

o Get up and move around 

o Provide for air movement in an enclosed area 

Our school nurses want to remind you that signs of a heat-related illness may include: 
o Fast pulse 

o Dizziness 
o Heavy sweating 
o Rapid breathing 
o Headache 
o Nausea 

o If these symptoms occur, go to a cooler area, drink fluids, and rest 

As with inclement weather in the winter, we will be monitoring the temperature throughout the 
morning tomorrow and Friday to determine the appropriate course of action. Decisions to close early 
must be made by 10:00 in order for our busses to be prepared to transport students home early. 
Thursday is already scheduled for early release for professional development. If necessary, we can push 
that release up to 1:00. 

Please make sure to notify your building principal if the conditions in your classroom become 
uncomfortable. In addition to monitoring the external weather conditions and forecast, we rely on 
feedback from our building principals to help monitor internal building conditions. 

To those of you in buildings without air conditioning, thank you for your efforts over the past two days. 
The long-term forecast shows some relief heading our way as early as Saturday with temperatures 
dropping into the 70???s by the end of next week.